A Full Range Of Real Estate Legal Services

At Weber Law Group, PLLC, we help people preparing to sell, rent or acquire real property. Our firm handles both residential and commercial lease matters for the sake of Utah residents, residents-to-be, property owners and others.

Looking At Real Estate From All Angles

Real estate is one of the primary practice areas of Weber Law Group, PLLC. This firm’s real estate practice is comprehensive and diverse. Our attorneys are knowledgeable about real estate transactions and disputes, financing, development, construction, and land use.

We have experience in land acquisition, easements, boundaries, landlord-tenant issues, quiet title, liens, HOAs, takings and foreclosures. Considerations include financing, ownership, leasing, taxes, construction and environmental laws. Our attorneys are prepared to address these and other issues that may affect your real estate purchase, sale, lease or simply ownership.

Handling Transactions And Resolving Disputes

We handle clients’ matters varying from common property disputes to landlord-tenant matters and complex development transactions.

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