Litigation And Other Forms Of Dispute Resolution

The attorneys at Weber Law Group, PLLC have extensive experience handling simple and complex litigation disputes for clients before state and federal courts and administrative agencies in Utah as well as other states. We understand that a lawsuit is sometimes a client’s only avenue for recourse, so we take the process very seriously. We also understand that a lawsuit changes dramatically from inception to completion.

We undertake a thorough evaluation of each matter to develop a course of action with our clients, and we use the state-of-the-art research tools and technology for courtroom presentation. Our goal is to reach an appropriate and cost-effective conclusion in each case, regardless of its complexity.

Litigation is not appropriate in every dispute. In some cases, our clients’ interests may best be served by engaging in some form of alternative dispute resolution, including arbitration or mediation.

Commercial Disputes

Business involves risk, and no company can inoculate themselves entirely from the possibility of disputes with customers, vendors, competitors and others. Attorneys at Weber Law Group, PLLC have substantial experience in handling commercial litigation cases across all disciplines in a wide range of business disputes.

Our lawyers approach litigation with the understanding that each case is unique, and each business client has different goals. We partner with our clients, and make sure each decision made during the litigation process makes business sense for that specific client.

Our attorneys have handled cases in a variety of areas, including: commercial and residential real estate, construction, employment, business and commercial, contracts, personal injury, securities, probate-related claims, wrongful death claims, collections, and products liability.

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