Representing Landlords In Landlord-Tenant Matters

Do you have questions about residential or commercial eviction procedures? Do you need an attorney to draft or review a lease agreement? Are you concerned that your rights as a property owner are not adequately protected under an existing lease? You have come to the right place.

Many legal problems between landlords and tenants stem from misunderstandings by one or both parties about what they are agreeing to in a lease agreement. An attorney’s interpretation can clarify terms for a landlord who is about to sign or has signed a lease.

Weber Law Group, PLLC is available to consult with landlords about legal matters such as lease contracts and eviction notices. We facilitate drafting, reviewing, negotiating, signing and termination of residential and commercial lease agreements.

We represent landlords in all legal matters in connection with their residential, commercial, industrial, retail, agricultural, and office properties. We prepare rental and lease agreements, policies and procedures, purchase options, notices, evictions, and litigation.

If you have a landlord-tenant dispute, the attorneys at Weber Law Group, PLLC can advise you about your rights and options.

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