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Representing Contractors, Developers And Other Professionals In The Construction Industry

Any substantial construction project is bound to involve important legal issues and potential problems. The attorneys at Weber Law Group, PLLC are well-versed in handling construction issues, including preparing initial construction documents, resolving construction claims and participating in construction litigation. From law offices in American Fork and Lehi, we advise clients throughout the region.

We have represented owners, contractors, developers, designers, engineers, managers and other professionals throughout the construction process. We have successfully litigated various construct defect cases in northern and southern Utah. Weber Law Group, PLLC advises its clients on issues of construction defects, warranties and liens. We can assist you if a construction-related issue arises, including resolving disputes.

Address And Resolve Land Use And Zoning Matters

At Weber Law Group, PLLC, our attorneys work to promote our client’s rights to use, develop and enjoy their real estate. We advise clients on all aspects of commercial and residential development, zoning, and conditional use permits. Our lawyers encourage clients to counsel with us early in the process to maximize speedy approval and avoid potential pitfalls. We also advocate for our clients in the event of appeal or challenge.

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