Resolve Your Utah Real Estate Dispute

Opportunities abound for disputes to arise related to real estate. Does any of the following apply to the real estate you own or are about to buy, sell or lease? If so, Weber Law Group, PLLC is a logical choice to turn to for help.

  • You and your neighbor are in ongoing disagreement about a boundary or easement situation.
  • A previous owner of your recently-purchased property allowed a neighbor to use a strip of land along the property line over many years. Now that neighbor has brought an adverse possession claim saying that strip of land should be transferred to him or her after all this time he has been maintaining it.
  • A prospective buyer signed a purchase agreement for the home you live in but is now trying to get out of it.
  • You are about to buy a piece of real estate and now you discover it has title defects because past owners did not complete something.
  • You are about to buy some real estate and you have discovered a defect that the seller did not disclose.

These are just a few examples of real estate-related disputes that may pose challenges to you. Ask a lawyer at our firm to evaluate your situation and recommend a course of action. From law offices, our attorneys can assist you as you take steps to protect your interests.


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