Employment Law For Business Owners

The workplace can be a complicated environment for both employers and their employees. Whatever employment law issues are facing a business owner, Weber Law Group, PLLC can help. Employers face a myriad of regulations and areas of potential liability to navigate.

Employees, on the other hand, have their livelihoods at risk when something goes wrong with the employment relationship. Competing goals and agendas can stand in the way of a productive employer-employee relationship.

Elements Of Success In The Workplace

Clear communication, knowledge of the law and consistency all contribute to success in the area of employment for businesses. Our attorneys advise employers on issues of termination, compensation, discrimination, civil rights, unemployment, employee handbooks and manuals, noncompetition and nondisclosure agreements, equal opportunity employment laws, trade secrets and related litigation.

An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure

We advise our clients to address these issues early before they become expensive and time-consuming. Our attorneys can help you navigate the complicated rules and regulations that apply to employment-related matters.

A Law Firm Primarily Serving Utah Employers

While most of our employment law clients are employers, we certainly handle cases of employer wrongdoing representing employees. Executives whose benefits were wrongly diminished, managers who suffered ill effects of age discrimination or any other illegal condition can turn to our knowledgeable lawyers for advice, analysis and advocacy.

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