Litigation: Complex And Diverse Cases

Weber Law Group, PLLC represents clients involved in a wide spectrum of cases in state and federal courts and before various administrative agencies in Utah and other states. With a business-centered client base, the attorneys litigate cases throughout the state of Utah and surrounding states.

Skilled In A Wide Variety Of Litigation Areas

Our attorneys have ample experience in trials, arbitrations and mediations, and arguments before federal and state appellate courts. We bring and defend lawsuits on behalf of clients in various business sectors such as financial services, summer sales, real estate development, investment banking, construction, entertainment, and oil and gas.

In addition, Weber Law Group, PLLC has advised clients in pending or threatened litigation, administrative proceedings, corporate transactions and other investigations. We keep clients informed throughout their cases of all developments that may have an impact on the outcome. In this way, they are ready to make informed decisions such as when they must decide whether to accept a settlement offer or continue with arguments in court.

Weighing Risks And Potential Gains

One of the greatest challenges in complex litigation is keeping costs reasonable. Sometimes this is impossible but a prevailing party (the winner of a lawsuit) can often recover legal fees from the other side. We make every effort to work efficiently while watching out for our clients’ best interests.

Is Your Complex Litigation Matter Viable?

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