Guarding Your Company’s Trade Secrets And Intellectual Property

For many businesses, their most valuable assets are their trade secrets and their people. When current or former employees leave or take proprietary knowledge elsewhere, a business is vulnerable to loss of its cutting-edge uniqueness. Many businesses seek to protect their intellectual property by requiring employees to sign nondisclosure and noncompete agreements.

Both the employer and the employee need transparency and full understanding of the implications of such contracts. In the event an agreement is violated, legal action will trigger a need for representation in a hearing or courtroom.

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Our attorneys at Weber Law Group, PLLC are experienced in assisting clients resolve disputes in these areas. We partner with our clients to develop policies and procedures to protect these interests and minimize any potential losses.

Weber Law Group, PLLC can assist you in drafting and litigating nondisclosure, noncompetition, nonsolicitation, confidentiality and other restrictive agreements designed to protect intellectual property. If an issue arises for you, let our attorneys explore options with you to protect your business’s competitive position.

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