When Employee Mobility Puts Your Trade Secrets At Risk

For many businesses, their most valuable assets are their trade secrets and their people. Employee mobility, an especially common characteristic of the Millennial workforce, makes for a dynamic flow of talent and ideas in all affected companies. The costs associated with recruiting, screening, hiring and onboarding new employees are considerable but many business owners accept the need to absorb those costs.

A larger problem associated with employee mobility is the threat to protection of trade secrets. Trade secrets may include client lists, processes and “recipes” for replicating products and services. Businesses often face challenges keeping trade secrets such as these in-house. They also seek legal remedies to deal with situations involving violated noncompete agreements and similar agreements made with employees.

We Are Interested In Prevention Of Loss Of Trade Secrets And Remediation For Your Utah Business

Are you worried that employees soon to leave your company may misuse trade secrets that make up your business’s cutting edge? Our attorneys at Weber Law Group, PLLC are experienced in assisting clients prevent and resolve disputes in these areas. As a business owner, we understand that your primary concern is protecting your trade secrets. And in case a departing employee takes and misuses your trade secrets elsewhere, we understand the importance of putting a stop to that practice — and recovering any value lost if possible.

Prevention comes first. We partner with our clients to develop policies and procedures to protect these interests and minimize any potential losses.

Remediation in case of loss is also critical. If you have reason to believe a current or former employee may take or has taken trade secrets to use elsewhere, contact us. We can determine whether that worker violated a noncompete agreement and inform you of your options for legal action if so.

Schedule A Consultation About Noncompete Agreements

Weber Law Group, PLLC can assist you in drafting and litigating nondisclosure, non-competition, non-solicitation, confidentiality and other restrictive agreements. If an issue arises for you regarding trade secrets and employee mobility, we can help. Whether prevention or dispute resolution is the goal, let our lawyers explore options with you to protect your business’s competitive position. Call 801-753-8084 or send us an email to schedule a consultation.

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